How This Works

Sound Feng Shui's custom apparel and housewares designs are created to harmonize particular areas of your life or your home. While all the designs are built for success, choosing one or more design that harmonizes or boosts a particular area of your life, home, or office space is recommended.

Each design is only available in certain colors for a reason. In Feng Shui, certain colors correspond to certain elements, which correspond to certain flying stars and areas of the home, and certain auspicious and inauspicious directions on the compass. The custom designs for the water element, for instance, will always be on a black or blue t-shirt, because blacks and blues represent water, which is the element for the North sector of your home, and corresponds to your career luck.

There are different lucky directions, elements, and colors in Feng Shui. This is known as Personal Feng Shui and it goes by what are called kua (kwah) numbers. For best results, find your own personal kua number and look for designs that would be lucky for you.

The point is to harmonize your world by maximizing your Feng Shui, and to do this the designs take a multi-pronged approach. You'll see certain colors and shapes and words together often, such as yellows and beiges with square shapes and crystals and rocks and mountains, which represent the element of earth. 

In addition to the harmonizing elements in Feng Shui, the designs contain words or phrases related to a popular song. These words are meant to bring to mind the song in question so you'll have a pleasant song to sing to help get you through the day. No, you don't have to actually sing the song! But if you were to sing it on your drive to work Monday morning, you might actually have a better day! Try it and see what happens!

And if all of that wasn't enough already, Sound Feng Shui's custom designs are  Reiki-charged to help you feel more calm, relaxed, and happy throughout your day.

My personal goal is to make you feel your best to help your maximize your luck and harmonize your world.